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Fluid Motion

Zachariah Brown (cmt)

  • Clinical Deep Tissue- Sport / activity Specific Myofascial Release- Massage that aims to release fascia and muscle tension to get tissues gliding freely.
  • Assisted Stretching- Lengthen tissues associated with your specific body restrictions.
  • Dynamic Movement- Movements that help the joints move through healthy range of motion.
  • Targeted Muscle Activation- Strengthen underactive muscles to KEEP the benefits of muscle/ fascia release.

“The bodywork/therapy that ​Zachariah specializes in goes ​above and beyond anything I’ve ​experienced in years of trying to ​get my body where I want it to be. ​From my first meeting with him, it ​became clear that he ​understands the bodie’s ​movement patterns and how ​tension, stress, and pain can be ​interconnected through the ​body. He listened to me carefully ​every time we met and tailored ​that days’ experience directly to ​my individual needs. He has helped ​me gain invaluable insight into my ​own body and has given me the ​tools I need to stay consistent ​and keep my body strong and ​mobile.”

-Anthony W

Intro Session

60 minute


Includes movement eval and corrective exercise ​recomendations


  • Utilizing a combination of techniques including Myofascial Release, Stretching and Corrective Exercise to achieve lasting results.
  • For pain/ mobility restrictions, sessions are best done in a series. Progressively adding corrective exercise, mobility and stability work to EMPOWER YOU with the tools to maintain a healthy body.
  • For athletic maintenance, sessions may be more gentle, focusing on recovery and injury prevention.
  • Exercise clothing recommended so assessment, stretches and movement can be integrated.


60 minute


90 minute



Discount on 6/10 pack


(510) 603-3560


430 40th st, Oakland Ca